Thursday, February 01, 2007

MOSS calculated field cannot point to a hidden field

I've tried to create a standard site set of columns, but of of the columns give me a very hard time.

I define a calculated field that points to a hidden field that I have also defined. When I try to add the new field to a site I get the error: "One or more column references are not allowed, because the columns are defined as a data type that is not supported in formulas".

If I remove the
from the Field definition in the feature it works just fine.

Any ideas? If I add the field initially with HIDDEN="FALSE" everything works just fine. Afterwards I can change HIDDEN=TRUE without any issues - except from the fact that I cannot use the end-user interface to add a content type with that field in to a document library. But doing it programmatically works just fine - if I remember to toggle hidden in the operation. Strange.

Refer to this news-posting for similar experience.


Anonymous said...


How do you remove the Hidden = "TRUE" from the field definition in the feature?

I need to point to the "Source URL" to create a new calculated field. But I don't know how to unhide that field...

Morten Marquard said...

That's fairly simple. Simply remove the text Hidden="true" from the XML-file defining the columns.

You can also do it programmtically.

But I don't think you can do it from the SharePoint administration UI. In fact I find the SPS administration UI quite difficult to use - as hidden fields are hidden here too, you cannot edit all properties etc etc.