Monday, March 26, 2007

SPItemEventReceiver - ItemAdded and ItemUpdated runs simultaneous

I have created a lot of event handlers over the last months, but sometimes I cannot get them working properly. From time to time it seems that item-events are running in sequence, i.e. ItemAdded then ItemUpdated. However, in other situations ItemAdded starts - but before ItemAdded finish ItemUpdated starts. I would like to ensure that one event is completed before the next is kicked off. Any hints.

It appears that is it critical to use SystemUpdate(...) rather than Update() as outlined here. But a note claims this was only an issue for beta versions?

I have tried using SystemUpdate rather than Update as sketched below, read this blog.

The sequence of events is also quite strange as outlined in many blogs, try reading this.

Solution: It seems that if you ensure using SystemUpdate and Disable/Enable EventFiring as sketched above consistently in your eventhandler you don't have any issues. But I'm not yet convinced.

Friday, March 23, 2007

InfoPath password field

InfoPath doesn't support a password field otu of the box. An explanation of this can be found at Microsoft, but I don't really buy this explanation as InfoPath can be used for many purposes, i.e. like editing SharePoint tasks which is an online thing tightly integrated with SharePoint.

A workaround, using a custom task pane is outlined here. Unfortuntale that will not work with MOSS workflows :-(

A custom ActiveX component might be the only solution - quite difficult to manage and setup. But it is possible to create the control is Visual Basic 6.0 as outlined here.

Other ideas very much appreciated.

It seems that I could use Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). Will elaborate more shortly...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Custom columns not visible

Sometimes custom columns are not visible in Site Columns. The reason is the readonly flag as described here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

SPWebEventReceiver - SiteDeleting

I have been searching for examples of SPWeb event handlers that can block the ability to delete a site/web from SharePoint as outlined here. The SPWebEventReceiver class is outlined at msdn - unfortunately without an example.

So far I have not been able to get it working - but hopefully shortly.

Ideas and input very much appreciated.

I found a good example here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A duplicate name "_dlc_Exempt" was found.

Any ideas what this error means?

Happens when I try to execute:

Microsoft.Office.RecordsManagement.InformationPolicy.Policy.CreatePolicy(SPContentType ct, Policy globalPolicy)

Conclusion: Believe it or not - simply ignore this error!!! The policy is created despite the exception - so catch the exception - and then continue. Excellent API.

Computed columns cannot be added to Document library

Using a feature I have added three site columns, one of which is computed. The two not-computed columns can be found under "Site Columns" in the Site Administrator window:

But what about the computed site column? The computed column is available under the site


but doesn't show up above - neither it shows up under the Edit View (All Documents):

So - how do I add a computed field - preferably with a picture - in a view?

Further - very often Site Columns are not updated and displayed - despite an IISRESET - so they are simply not present :-(

Friday, March 09, 2007

Custom Link field in a SharePoint Document Library

I have a document library with various content types. Depending on the content type I wish to display different graphics, i.e. not just displaying the name of the content type but a graphics file instead., i.e. similar to the "URL (URL with edit menu)" field outlined below:

Depending on the version of the file I also wish to display different fields. I would like the published version of the file to be accessed from the same link always - and if a minor version exists this version should be accessed from another link in the list.

I have tried to create a feature with a custom field that contains exactly this stuff - no luck. The new custom field simply doesn't show up in my view.

I came across this blog but I couldn't get it working :-( Couldn't add an IF statement in a computed field. I got the error "The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported. " when I tried to add the IF statement. As a next step I studied the difference between Computed and Calculated fields as outlined in this blog. When I add the field as a Calculated field the above blog works - voila. However, changing fldtypes.xml is not recommended - would like to get it working using standard features. The other issue is that I would need to add this calculated field to all my document types in order to enable field selection on a view.

The issue currently is the fact that computed fields cannot easily be added to list or views - at least they don't show up if added as features. Calculated fields does.

Remember the difference between the two field types: Computed fields are not stored in the database but calculated fields are.

Further - you need to note the difference between columns, fields and properties - as described in this blog.

Still not fully understanding what is going on it seems that calculated fields are not really columns - so they cannot be viewed in the Site Columns collection (despite the fact they are added with other fields as part of the same feature). Neither - unfortunately - they cannot be added to a view.

If I look into the SPWeb object
my column is returned. But how can I add it to the view?

Apparently other people have had this issue too - here and here.
In SharePoint 2003 I simply modified onet.xml to accomodate this new field, as outlined here.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Modify SharePoint Content type order programmatically

In a recent blog Ton Stegeman has described how to modify the default contenttype order sequence using the UniqueContentTypeOrder property of the SPFolder object.

While the code fixes the layout for the New button it unfortunately doesn't solves the issue for Upload, as Upload uses the default content type for the document library - not for the folder :-(

Any ideas much appreciated

Thursday, March 01, 2007

InformationPolicy - content types - challenges

The excellent information policy example described by Ton Stegeman here is an excellent starting point for learning more about SharePoint 2007 Information Policies. The example given works like a dream.

However - there is a challenge that I have not yet managed to overcome. When associating the informatonpolicy with a content type within a document library it works just fine.

But when I create a site content type and then create a new document library and add the site content type (with the information policy associated) to the document library nothing works :-(

When inspecting the details it turns out that no event receivers are associated with the content type found on the document library.

I was assuming that once an information policy is associated it would be enforced in all locations. This assumption is not correct.

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