Thursday, March 01, 2007

InformationPolicy - content types - challenges

The excellent information policy example described by Ton Stegeman here is an excellent starting point for learning more about SharePoint 2007 Information Policies. The example given works like a dream.

However - there is a challenge that I have not yet managed to overcome. When associating the informatonpolicy with a content type within a document library it works just fine.

But when I create a site content type and then create a new document library and add the site content type (with the information policy associated) to the document library nothing works :-(

When inspecting the details it turns out that no event receivers are associated with the content type found on the document library.

I was assuming that once an information policy is associated it would be enforced in all locations. This assumption is not correct.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever figure this out, this missing piece is driving me crazy at the moment.