Friday, March 23, 2007

InfoPath password field

InfoPath doesn't support a password field otu of the box. An explanation of this can be found at Microsoft, but I don't really buy this explanation as InfoPath can be used for many purposes, i.e. like editing SharePoint tasks which is an online thing tightly integrated with SharePoint.

A workaround, using a custom task pane is outlined here. Unfortuntale that will not work with MOSS workflows :-(

A custom ActiveX component might be the only solution - quite difficult to manage and setup. But it is possible to create the control is Visual Basic 6.0 as outlined here.

Other ideas very much appreciated.

It seems that I could use Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). Will elaborate more shortly...


Rémi MATAYRON said...

You can put your text box in windings or webdings.
So user cannot see what is typed.
Of course, you need to reset this value in order not to stock this information into the xml...

Máthé Gábor said...

what about using translate function?
. (any character) to "*"