Friday, June 29, 2007

Exception (0x81071003): Unable to update the information in the Microsoft Office document

When adding a document (Excel) to SharePoint I get the exception: "(0x81071003): Unable to update the information in the Microsoft Office document".

The exception occur in a ItemAdded event handler where I add a global unique human-readable document id to the document.

This most likely due to an error in the property promotion/demotion part of SharePoint.

If I try to open up the Excel sheet myself I get an error as inline VBA code cannot be executed. So if SharePoint tries the same no wonder it doesn't work. But how can you block promotion/demotion in such situations.

Ideas very much appreciated.


Matt said...

Did you ever find out why this was happening and what you could do to work around it?


Morten Marquard said...

Dear Matt,
I found a potential workaround that somehow fixed my problem.

What I did was to modify the TemplatesPath when loading the document in VBA - og voila, the problem disappeared. Excellent.

Quite strange though

Jaap Bekooy said...

Try (re)installing MSXML 6.0 on the sharepoint server.
This should help...

Lennin said...

Edit the document, (in Office 2003) Go to File, Properties, Custom Properties then choose any property like client and type any value, then click add then close the dialog and save the document. After this you should be able to upload/save the document in the document library without problems.

Arnab Mitra said...

Thanks lennin. That's very helpful, indeed!
However, do you know why this problem might occur in the first place. Is this to do with the way the document was created etc.?

Himani said...

1) The issue was with property promotion/demotion of this file while saving metadata during check-in process.
2) I saved this file as .XLSX in 2007 format and uploaded it; I successfully checked in the file.
3) Then I downloaded this copy on my local system; opened it and saved it in .XLS format.
4) This copy was then uploaded and successfully checked in to the library in question. (all the metadata properties were pre filled in advance from the earlier .XLSX file downloaded from SP site); hence any issues related to property promotion and demotion were removed.

Anonymous said...

Re-installing MSXML 6.0 worked for me.


Max said...

I have this problem too. I was able to fix it using OLE Automation object which removes all custom properties of the document. But I can't do anything when I haven't MS Word installed. Maybe somebody knows how to get rid of these fields?