Saturday, December 22, 2007

Google Maps and SharePoint

Exformatics Activity Management facilities geocoded data such as Google Maps. Various type of cases, e.g. equipment issues a Telecom operator, projects at a large building constructor and can all be associated with their longitude and latitude. Thereby you can seach for activities nearly of various types and get them displayed in a Google Map, as outlined below:

This blog describe how to inline a simple Google Map in SharePoint. Check out this link for documentation.

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Ani said...


How I can display multiple location on sharepoint from a sharepoint list?


Meelis said...

any ideas from previous questions?

W0ut said...

If your are using SharePoint 2010, you can also manage your Google Maps code in a document library and point the Content Editor towards this document.

I wrote a tutorial

Morten Marquard said...

If you wish to display locations from any source, including data stored in SharePoint lists, you need to do some programming to retrieve the locations from the source and hand them over to Google Map in order to show up on the map.

This is exactly the type of link we provide between the data store and Google Map. Any location or address can be viewed within Google Map as a location.