Saturday, August 02, 2008

Adding a contenttype to a list using Office

Today I learned that it's possible to add a content type to a list using Word. Facinating feature! It's even possible for users not allowed to administer the list to add a content type.

How is this done.

  • Open a Word dokument from another list with the content type you wish to use

  • Save the Word dokument to the new list

Voila - missing accomplished.

The way Office and SharePoint support this feature is through the ContentTypeId property found in Word as outlined below.

The contenttypeid is a guid: 0x01010E00B369AA1A2937544FB28BC321A473DF5A00BCFEABD7F057124C9046012A9BA89F62.

As SharePoint runs promote/demote document properties the content type id is added to the list. I wonder what happens when documents are sent between organisations - will probably be quite messy!

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