Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SharePoint is case-sensitive - documents upload into root-folder

It took us quite a while to figure out this issue. It turns out that SharePoint sitenames og document libraries are case-sensitive. If you try to navigate to a folder using it's URL and type the site og document library in the wrong case it seems to work. However, when trying to upload documents it fails. Documents are then placed in the root-folder of the document library as outlined below.

Given a standard document library "Documents" you create a new folder "Folder1".
Navigate to the folder
and then click Upload to upload a document, "My New Document.docx", and everything works as it should:
Now, try to enter the URL of the folder directly in your browser in this case enter
where "Documents" is modified to "documents" (little d).

As you can see everything seems to work as they should:
However, when you try to click Upload
the document is not uploaded into the folder
but instead the document ends up in the root-folder of the Document library:
Quite a scary error in a standard product used by so many people in the world. When I presented the problem to a Microsoft representative claiming SharePoint to be case-sensitive they didn't believe me until I presented the above example.

Therefore. Remember that site-names and Document Libraries in SharePoint are case-sensitive.


Anonymous said...

We just figured this out too. This is a huge oversight on Microsofts part.


Morten Marquard said...

Unbelievable ... - but probably not surprising :-)